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Whether you choose regional or global destinations, Tri-F Logistics, Inc. is dedicated to bringing your products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your bottom line is our top priority. We are Customer-Driven. You might even say it's our passion.

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Tri-F Consolidators (SCAC: TFCD) was founded in 1982 by Ed, Rick and Doug Freund. In 1988, Rick and Doug’s brother Tom assumed the responsibilities for their father, Ed, thus keeping it a family run company. Tri-F also provides dedicated services, including around the clock shuttle service for customers with these type of needs. Tri-F Consolidators is also an agent for NYK Logistics (Americas), Inc., which has had the honor of being named "Best of the Best" the last 6 out of 7 years by Distribution Magazine. Since their partnership with NYK Logistics (Americas) Inc., Tri-F has become a leading agent in providing cost effective logistics solutions to many customers in the Central San Joaquin valley. Tri-F Consolidators, along with their partnership with NYK Logistics (Americas) Inc., has provided numerous customers with transportation solutions in utilizing intermodal (rail) services, which in many cases help dramatically reduce transportation costs. Tri-F has been instrumental in helping companies extend their production forecasts to allow for slightly longer transportation times, and thus saving customers tens of thousands of dollars by utilizing the savings that rail shipments provide.

However, in seeking to continually meet the needs of their customers, Tri-F Consolidators recognized the needs of many of their customers in over-the-road shipments, which they did not provide. In response to that need, on October 1st, 2001, Tri-F Logistics (SCAC: TBIF) was born. Tri-F Logistics currently conducts a majority of its business out of the Central California region, serving all 48 states, Canada & Mexico. With several hundred approved carriers, Tri-F Logistics is uniquely poised to meet your transportation needs, whatever they may be.

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